Goddess of Magic

Jeanette lives within a cavern deep within Koranor, almost at the centre. It is directly beneath the Seat of the Gods. A certain type of metal, Orichette carrier her ambience world wide, which allows magic to be performed. Orichette is never found naturally on the surface.

Unlike most of her fellow gods, Jeanette is homely. While no god could ever be called ugly by the mortal races, compared to the other gods, that’s what she is. In the early days of the world, when the Younger Gods were in their infancy, the gods of all families teased Jeanette unmercifully.

Finally, after a particularly nasty prank by Vigor, Jeanette fled her fathers home and sought a place of solitude.
After some time and many adventures, Jeanette the Magic found her way across a metal sea, deep beneath the surface of the world. There, she found a cavern. In the cavern she set up a lonely home, with none bar her totem to keep her company.
Jeanette has never since left her cabin, sending her coyote when she needs to have dealings with the outside world.
Since she reached her cavern, none have seen her, not even her parents, Katheen and Jacindar


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