Similar to mercury, this metal is liquid in it’s natural state. It is the same colour as yellow gold.

Orichette is the substance that carries the ambience of Jeanette throughout the world, allowing mortals to perform magic.

Orichette does not appear naturally on the surface.

While on other worlds, continents float on a sea of liquid magma, on Koranor they float on seas of Orichette.

All of the most powerful magic weapons/amulets contain a trace of Orichette somewhere in their construction.

In some places the rock mantle that separates the Orichette sea and the surface is thinner, and in those places the ambience of Jeanette (or magic) has a higher “background count”. Tendrils of Orichette reach up from the main sea at some points.

Naturally occurring “mana storms” can occur in/on the sea, melting the rock mantle. This can lead to the molten rock erupting to the surface, forming volcanoes.


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