In ancient times, the war between Hamlin and Cordelionraged strongly. Luakwa, God of War, urged both sides onto higher and higher flights of folly.

In the battle of the wastelands, Hamlin approached her son Luakwa to try and gain some advantage. This was before the Pardus had revolted, and therefore before the Orcs (who would become Hamlin’s shock troops in later years) were created. Hamlin’s forces consisted of Her Felidae, and some Humans that had joined her.

Now, Luakwa thought long and hard about an advantage he could give to his mother, and eventually decided to create his own force of warriors. To give his warriors an advantage over their opponents, he gave them telepathy so that they could join with their leaders and their riders.

In creating his warriors, Luakwa copied his brethren, and mixed his own warlike essence with his Totem, the War Horse. The result was a funny looking beast by the terms of the Higher Races already in existence.

Imagine a horse, but where it’s neck should be is a Humans waist, From there up is a well developed Human. This race he called Centaur. After creating the Centaur, he gave them to his mother.

During the following war, Hamlin fled the field – abandoning her troops. The Centaur felt her sever the telepathic link. Unfortunately, the troops thus abandoned were the Centaur Corps, consisting of half the existing Felidae, and all the Centaur. The Felidae swore allegiance to Cordellion, and became the Pardus. The Centaur remained telepathically linked to the new Pardus race.

The Centaur had been linked to Hamlin, and driven by her will. But, with her abandoning them and their new alligince to Cordellion, they linked themselves to him. Cordellions more peaceful nature pervaded these warriors, and made them peaceful themselves. However, their warrior nature still lurks beneath, and bubbles to the surface when they are riled.


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