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  • Katheen

    h1. Goddess of Fools and Travellers Summond from beyond the void by the Elder God [[Jacindar]], Katheen is mother to the majority of the Red Gods. She vowed to call no place home until the enimity between [[Cordellion]] and [[Hamlin]] is at an end. …

  • Jeanette

    h1. Goddess of Magic Jeanette lives within a cavern deep within Koranor, almost at the centre. It is directly beneath the [[Seat of the Gods]]. A certain type of metal, [[Orichette]] carrier her ambience world wide, which allows magic to be performed. …

  • Yaltmall

    h1. Seeker of Knowledge Of all the gods, Yaltmall is probably the most peculiar. He does not truly belong to any of the families of the gods, but has been claimed by the [[Black Gods]]

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