The Dwarves are one of the two sentient races that were not created by the Gods of Koranor

During the Gods War a hole was ripped in the fabric of reality, and Dwarves came through. Finding themselves in the middle of a war they knew nothing about, most of them ran for the entrance to the nearest cave (at least to take stock before “finishing” the war.)

They carved a swathe through both sides on the way. (A few thousand dwarves being a fairly unstoppable force, especially to peoples that had never SEEN a dwarf before.)

After finding the cave (which was actually the entrance to a primitive mining complex built by the Felidae) they stopped to observe what was happening. Well, most did. Some didn’t bother with the cave, they just went on hitting anyone who came too close who wasn’t a Dwarf. Another group didn’t stop when they got into the caves (or even when the Dwarves behind them stopped pushing them further in) but continued to explore the mine system. Usually tutting about the abysmal construction techniques

The White and Red Alliance sent Quadriga the messenger to present their case, and try to get these formidable warriors on side. Hamlin sent her daughter Vigor to present the Black side.
Quadriga was eloquent, forhtright and persauisive. Vigor thought she was clever, and couched her plea in riddles and half truths.

The Clan Elders heard both sides, there in the entrance to the mines, and quickly sent Vigor packing.
The sent two thirds of their warriors out to assist the Alliance (and messengers to those Dwarves still fighting, telling them who was on their side) The others staid in the mines, and helped the non-warriors get settled, and fend of the approaches of the Felidae (who didn’t like people in their mines!)

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